Art is a universal language spoken through the unique perspective of the senses. No matter the ages, stages and phases, the mystery and science of the human experience is best encapsulated and testified through artistic expression. From humankind’s early moments, we have consciously and subconsciously attempted to find, define, and refine our purpose, thoughts, ideas and philosophies on life, and art is the most beautiful and stimulating vehicle that allows our existence to be known. As a multi-practicing artist, my first endeavor is to use my craft in such a way that challenges my faith in what I believe to be truth as well as untruth. Discovering the inner-self through use of my gifts, and understanding how to better serve fellow beings is my ultimate dedication. From this self-discovery, I am bound by my natural disposition to use whatever power within me to share my visions with the world, often through mediums that an audience can relate to. The spoken and written word hold the key to reaching the deep faculties of human connection; music, dance and visual elements exist as boons to better deliver the message; that we as sentient creatures are vessels for greater good and affinity, and even when we get lost along the way, there is a language in which we can always rely on and relate; the language of art.

Jamaal Jackson Rogers

a.k.a. JustJamaal ThePoet